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Manzanita Music Collective

Friendships gained trough challenging times take on everlasting importance in our hearts. I love sharing this film that captures a friendship between my dear friend violinist, Edwin Huizinga and myself that was born in the Summer of 2020. Together we created a small porch concert series in Carmel by the Sea. We called ourselves The Manzanita Music Collective. We welcomed what became our family of supporters that gathered weekly, masked and distanced with open hearts ready to receive whatever we could create that could be played by the violin and cello. Though Edwin is on to his next chapter of teaching at Oberlin Conservatory he will return often to SandBox and we will always seek ways of playing together. In the meantime, I can't wait to share our Back 2 Bach program on Thursday, Dec. 15th! Violist Liz Prior will be joining us for a reading of the glorious Goldberg Variation by J.S. Bach. arranged fro string trio. The great cellist Pablo Casals started each day playing the music of Bach's both on the keyboard and on the cello. In his words:

"The music is never the same for me, never. Each day is something new, fantastic, unbelievable. That is Bach, like nature, a miracle!”


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