Amplifying the vibrant arts community of Sand City, CA.

SandBox is a dynamic platform for realizing and witnessing the creative energy of the performing arts.  Located in the heart of the warehouse/arts district of Sand City, we host  concerts, spoken word artists, film screenings and art parties that push boundaries and build community. 


We pluck artists from the global touring circuit and provide them a haven to collaborate and experiment, often putting different artistic practices in conversation.

       It's our belief that bold performances make a bigger impact in smaller settings, and that something unique happens  when the curtain between performer and audience dissolves -- that’s why we present intimate events that get you right up close to the creative process.


"It is thrilling to imagine all the possibilities that exist for collaboration and community building. It's the art that happens here and the audience's takeaway that will define SandBox!"

This isn't a venue where after the lights go up, everyone exits. SandBox is a spot for lingering. Our hope is that you stay to check out the art on the walls, share a glass of wine with the performers you've just met, keep the conversation going. Because after all, that's what art allows us -- an opportunity for dialogue and unexpected encounters.

Founding Director Michelle Djokic

We're so proud to be immersed in the diverse and vibrant arts community of Sand City. We're inspired by the builders, makers and bakers that surround SandBox.  We encourage you to explore the many neighboring studios where you’ll meet the glass blowers, welders, sculptors, and wood workers that sustain this unique community by the sea. 

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