SandBox is a dynamic platform for realizing and witnessing the creative energy of the performing arts. Since we opened nine months ago, we've hosted 22 concerts, spoken word performances, film screenings and art parties that push boundaries and build community. 


And what a community we've built! With hundreds of audience members attending our regularly programmed shows, it's time that we expand SandBox's capacity to host our growing audience. The current zoning of our space allows for a maximum capacity of 49, but with your generosity and support, we can build a new entryway that will allow us to triple our capacity and present richer and more immersive programs. 


Project Ouverture has the goal of raising $25,000 for the construction and retrofit of the new entryway/exit. Any funds raised beyond our goal will go directly into our Builder's Fund to support artist's fees and operating expenses. If you're interested in sustaining a thriving community of artists and audience members, please consider supporting us with a tax deductible donation!