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Support us

There are so many ways you can support our mission, including donating to our non-profit in-residence, Musikiwest, volunteering your time, or spreading the word.


SandBox is and always will be a venue for groundbreaking artists to test new ideas with intimate audiences. We have big plans for the future of our space. And we’re committed to bringing you what SandBox does best: electric and eclectic performances, unexpected dialogues, and a community built around a love for the arts. Here are ways you can help: 


Help support the profound conversations our musicians are inspiring through their scripted open rehearsals in our schools. With your your backing, we can continue our community building through the sharing of the magic of the performing arts at our home in SandBox. 



We're always looking for the help of community members during concerts and events. Maybe you'd like to volunteer your time and help us staff the door? Or do you have skills to help us with marketing and PR? Or maybe you'd like to open your home and host a visiting musician? Drop us an email. 

Underwrite and curate a concert.

An amazing opportunity to design a program around a theme of your choice. Through  rigorous collaboration with the Artistic Director of SandBox, Michelle Djokic, we'll discuss your interests and select repertoire around your area of focus. 

Our thanks

We acknowledge, with gratitude, our many sponsors and supporters who are helping to shape the future of SandBox and expand Musikiwest. 


Ouverture campaign.

Donald McEnry Davis Charitable Fund

Ken Moadel Charitable Fund


Emily Elizabeth Martin

Pascale and Mark Cohen

Manish Kothari and Mamen Saura

Susan Meister

Monique Girard Djokic Stark

Susan and Pierre Sokolsky

Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund

Schwab Charitable

Scott Gale

Joan and Bob Lewis Cortes

Gail Dryden

Pamela Thayer

Tamara Harris

Jonathan Showe

Jerry Blackwelder

MaryAnn Leffel

Rick Chelew


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